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Oh Sweet Quiet!

A mommy blog mentioning quiet seems either a little odd or like sarcasm right? Well. I guess it’s a bit of both at the moment. The kids aren’t fighting = quiet. One is sleeping, one is doing a puzzle = quiet. The phone isn’t ringing = quiet. My head is pounding, my mind is racing. The blog has been getting quieter and quieter over the last few weeks.

I just want to say, I am still here!

Sadly my blog has been the one to suffer as I juggle everything else: family, housework, school, pregnancy, and we have been trying, unsuccessfully to find a new place to live before baby arrives. I have been trying to get on track with everything, and things are coming together.

One of the things I found to help me out a bit was this great, free meal planner and shopping list I found on Pinterest. It has made the day to day struggle and wonder of what to have for supper away. Plus I know I always have everything I need for the recipes. It takes less time to sit down and figure it out the day before grocery shopping day than standing in front of the cupboard/freezer each day.

Meal Planner

I’ve also started to use a planner. I plan out which assignments or readings I’m going to do each day for school. No more last minute deadline crunching. In fact, doing it this way, this week I was able to submit my assignments 3 1/2 days early! So much less stress.

This week I am hoping to schedule some blog writing time in there too. Maybe this weekend I’ll get some writing done. I’m not promising anything though.

Pregnancy wise: Well, sitting at my desk isn’t an option for more than 5 minutes a day. My chair is quite hard and kills my left leg, hip and my back. I’m not as great at getting stuff down when sitting on the couch. But we’re healthy and growing(!). Still sick too.

So, how has all been going in your world?

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