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Summer is Coming to an End

Summer is coming to an end and it seems like it just started. Though we did do quite a bit this summer, I’m not quite ready for it to end. At the beginning of summer I made a bucket list for the summer and never got around to posting. So here it is:

  • Playground – even before writing this I could check it off. We went just this morning, we try to go a couple times a week
  • Head to a lake – we haven’t seen a body of water (besides flooded fields) since we moved from the east coast
  • We’re heading on a long road trip to above mentioned east coast and back
  • Have a picnic – Austin has been mentioning it a bit lately and doesn’t remember having them last summer it seems
  • Go to a fair – something the girls have never done
  • Head to a farmers market
  • Go to a beach
  • Toronto Zoo

We got most of the list crossed off, with the expectation of heading to a lake. We’re okay with not having gotten to a lake, instead we did some stuff not on the list, like MarineLand (pictures to come some Wordless Wednesday).

Pool FunWe have spent a lot of time outside, the girls have definitely loved having some cool water to enjoy, both at home and at a public splash pool for kids.

Cool Snacks

Cool treat on a hot day. You can see the popsicle drips running down Brookland’s legs. Austin had just got her ears pierced, this helped her forget all the pain!

First Parade

While in Nova Scotia the girls went to their first parade.

Sleeping on Vacation

Goodnight baby girls. They shared beds all vacation. With this Momma taking a little rest or nap in between them until they fell asleep.

Playing outside, I noticed Austin had a friend playing along with her. She surprised me and didn’t freak out. Until it jumped down that is and landed on her shoulder.

Checking for Bugs

Brookland was using her magnifying glass to look for bugs in the grass.

Storm Coming In in Saskatchewan

Heading to Regina for an appointment – my first time driving to and in the city – we chased a storm the whole way and got caught in it coming out of a building heading to the Durango.

All in all, it has been a great summer. The temperatures have definitely been yo-yoing, one day it is 21°C the next it is 35°C. A great summer leading to hopefully a great fall.


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