Lilla Rose Review

When we got back from vacation we had a lovely package waiting for Austin and I. Normally, you get brown mania envelopes, not from Lilla Rose! I was impressed before I even opened it.

Lilla Rose Packaging

On the left was the actual padded envelope, on the right is what the hair clips were in. Nothing plain here!

I picked out a Flexi hair clip for myself and Austin, and Lilla Rose Independent Consultant, Stacy Erickson had them sent to us. I, of course, did not tell Austin that they were coming, otherwise she would have been bugging to go home to check the mail for them all vacation.

Lilla Rose Fairy Aurora BorealisAustin loves her Flexi Mini Fairy clip. She requests to wear it everyday. They are easy to use, even on an inpatient 4 year old.

Lilla Rose Tiger Lily

I got the Etched Tiger Lily. All flexi clips (with the exception of the mini) have a letter marking the size on the tip of the sliding pin. Another great thing is that the pin is sliding – it isn’t separate from the rest of the clip. They are made from instrument wire, making them durable yet flexible.

They held very nicely in our hair. We both have fine hair yet we didn’t have to worry about them slipping out. I used mine with both wet and dry hair and saw no difference in the way it worked. It did take a little practice getting the sliding pin in place with it behind my head. Practice makes perfect, so all was fine once I practiced a little. {No picture of me wearing mine – I couldn’t get a decent picture of the back of my head!}

Interested in seeing some more of their great hair products? How about badge clips? Check out Stacy’s business page. Wondering what size you would need? Check out the sizing and style video.

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for reviewing and hosting the giveaway. I received no compensation for this. All opinions are my own, your own may differ.