Yummi Pouch – Reusable Food Pouches Review

I when I was contacted to review these reusable pouches a few weeks ago, having never used food pouches before I was very interested in trying them. And I was secretly hoping that they would arrive before we left for our vacation and wasn’t disappointed.

The day before leaving I rinsed and (air) dried them and the set about filling them. Apple sauce and pudding. It was easy peasy. There is nothing to filling them, they stand up on their own making it easy. There is a fill line on the back of them, they open and close ziploc style. I popped ours straight into the freezer for cool snack along the way.

Yummi Pouch

There are a few great features with these pouches, such as:

  •  They are dishwasher safe (top rack)
  •  Freezer safe
  •  BPA and Phthalate free
  •  Holds 6 oz
  •  The opening gusset bottom – making it easy to fill and clean

My most favorite feature – they have printed on the back that they are dishwasher safe. No forgetting or wondering if they will make it out of the dishwasher safely.

On the road the girls got to try them out for the first time. Being the first time using a pouch ever, they had no troubles with. It took Brookland a few minutes to figure out how to get her apple sauce out, once she got the hang of it she had no problem. They definitely made healthy snacking on the road much easier and a lot less messy.

Yummi Pouch

When I went to clean one of the pouches after using it for the first day, and the zipper seal separated from the pouch. I was offered a replacement, but as I received these for the purpose of a review I didn’t feel it right to take a replacement. Yummi Pouch offers a 30 day product guarantee and is happy to send replacements, simply by contacting them.

Yummi Pouch

The company, Yummi Pouches, was started by a husband and wife in 2012. You can can buy some Yummi Pouches and more at their store.

Diclosure: I received a set of six Yummi Pouches to review, with no compensation. All opinions are honest and my own.