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Messy Friday: Jelly Mess

It has been awhile since we’ve had some good messy fun. With summer weather here, hopefully we’ll be getting some more in. This week we messed around with some jelly in our water table.

Jelly Messy PlayI spent the week making gelatin up in different colors and layered it in a large mixing bowl. I used packages of gelatin that have been in my cupboard for, oh I don’t know, seven years. I think it was time it got used up. 

I mixed the first color in the mixing bowl, and then each of the other colors in a separate container, before it set completely, just starting to thicken, I would pour it in the mixing bowl over the previous color.

When I pulped the jelly into the water table Austin’s first reaction was that it looked like a jelly fish. Not sure where her knowledge of jellyfish has come from, though it did have that squished on the beach look.

They certainly had fun squishing it between their fingers – once the coldness either wore off or they got used to it.  We talked about the texture of it, and how slid between their fingers.

We added some sandbox shovels and scooped, dropped, dumped and so on. It broke down into slimy goo in the heat.

Messy Jelly PlayThis is very messy. I’m talking drying onto skin and clothing, and some how making its way into their hair. I didn’t realize it was in their hair until I went to brush it the next morning. They said “ouch” a few times.

Towards the end of the play, I added a pail of water and let them splash around.

Messy Jelly PlayI love this photo. I love sunny Saskatchewan days that we can spend time outside getting messy and having fun.




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