Ice Painting

I’m currently moving, or finishing the packing, basically not having fun! Leading up to all the unfun stuff that is going to be happening this weekend I made sure that we had fun during the week. After searching through the house, I discovered that I already  packed the paint brushes. With a block of ice out of the freezer {for once its warm enough outside to not completely freeze out there}, the girls set up with some paint, to do some ice painting.

ice painting with knives

No paint brushes so we improvised, I figured they probably wouldn’t be too interested in finer painting ice, and I was right, trying once was enough. So I provided them with the only other option we have at the moment, plastic knives. They were happy.

ice painting

In the summer heat, I imagine they might be more inclined to use their fingers.

ice painting with knives2

Austin was happy with the plastic knife, she was able to make rainbows with it. Once she finished one side of the ice she flipped it over to paint the other side. When she flipped it for the second time she found some holes in her ice.

ice painting with knives

There are so many different ways to spice up this simple fun:

  • have a salt shaker
  • add salt to the paint
  • have other painting objects
  • do this outside during different seasons

I hope that you and your children have as much fun as mine did! I would love to hear about your experience with this (type of) activity.

For more activities like this one check out the Kids Activities tab in the menu.

Frozen Chalk Paint

Frozen Chalk Paint


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