4 Things I Always Have for Kids

In my house it’s simple to pull out a quick, fun, time killing activity. I always have 4 things on hand for kids to use, besides toys. They make great boredom busters, inside or outside, messy or clean play. Getting ready to move again and these will once again be the last things to get packed. Most kids love all of these, and can last 5 minutes or, like in our house, more than an hour.

My kids are huge fans of science experiments that answer a question they might have, or playing board games but sometimes we need to be bored to grow our imagination.

4 Things I Always Have for Kids

4 Things I Always Have for Kids

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Finger Painting Tin Foil

They can paint anything: a table, the ground, paper, the bathtub, get creative! I’m not a fan of painting in the house, because no matter the materials I provide, it is inevitable that they will be finger painting and move far off the paper.


Add water to cornstarch and they will have more fun than you could ever imagine also mix with shaving cream, paint to make the experience last or create new ones.

Play dough

Playdough or the ingredients to make it they don’t need toys to play with play dough. There are so many different recipes for playdough, making for different textures and/or smell.

Jello Play dough

Paper and Crayons

Great for on the go too.

Of course another thing we always have is outside time. While right now there are days that it is too cold and windy to go out, the kids love getting suited up to go out and play. While when I have a house full it can take up to 45 minutes to get out of the house, it is definitely a great way to entertain them. Bonus, since winter weather started (in October) they all have learned to get some of their stuff on by themselves.

We definitely can’t wait until warmer weather.