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Ants on a Log – Snack Time

Snack time. It comes everyday and everyday I feel like I am giving them the same thing. Granola bars, cereal bars, raisins, goldfish, etc. While grocery shopping I noticed that celery was on sale for $1. When I bought it I had no plans for it, celery is always a great addition to casseroles and soups.

One day, in search of something for snack time, my oh so smart hubby thought of giving them “ants on a log”. Duh Ashley! How simple, yet fun. Why hadn’t I thought of that?

I made up one for each of the kids. A piece of celery with cheese whiz spread down it with ants (or raisins) dotted down the length of it.

I got them seated at the table first and then said in my most serious voice “Snack today is some ants on a log.” I got some strange looks, they were all too ready to jump down from the table and run. Once I out it down on the table, they were excited to see foods they recognized and liked, not actually ants.

Once I knew they liked it, I gave them the stuff to make their own. How often do we get to play with our food or let out children play with their food? Ants on a Log - Snack

I did noticed that the number of raisins and amount of cheese whiz gone was quite different from the number of celery stalks gone! 🙂

Ants on a Log - snack

A great snack for something different from the  everyday. Everyone needs a change once in awhile.

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