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Messy Friday: Baby It’s Cold Outside!

First I saw this article on stating the 5 Places that are Colder than Saskatchewan (where I live). Thursday it was -30, not including the wind chill. COLD!

  • Alert, Nunavut: -41.
  • The North Pole: -39.
  • Dzalinda, Russia (in Siberia): -51.
  • Vostak Station, Antarctica: -36.
  • Mars: -55.


This activity only seems fitting for our weather. We’re melting stuff again! It’s fun. It gets messy. We need to practice for spring, and now my freezer smells like vinegar, better than something stinky.

Frozen Vinegar

I frozen the vinegar in a long deep dish (plastic), in hopes of it containing some of the mess, and it did.

Three dishes: salt, baking soda, and baking powder.

Austin was more interested in just the doing at first, pouring stuff in. I had to stop her a couple times and ask her what was going on in the dish.

Melting Vinegar

There was some volcano like stuff happening.
Holes in the vinegar.
A lot of noise.

We also discovered that if you touched it, it didn’t hurt, at first, then there was a slight burn.

Happy Friday!

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