New Office Chairs

I’m sitting in front of my computer attempting to get comfy so I can write a post, wondering why we haven’t bought steelcase chairs. I don’t think I have ever sat in this chair and said “oh this is comfort”. What it is is here and a time waste.

I probably spend more time moving around trying to get comfortable than I actually do writing. What is wrong with my chair you may be wondering. Here is a small list of things that is wrong with it:

  • it’s a dining room chair
  • old
  • was here when we moved in, someone else knew it wasn’t comfortable
  • just not that big

I look at nice office chairs in stores and dream about owning them. How nice would it be to sit down to work, in comfort and actually work instead of moving around trying to get comfortable. Sitting properly, both feet on the floor. Legs crossed at the knee. One foot under me, both feet under me. Crossed leg or Indian style.  Only to stand up, trying to get the blood flowing and start right back at the beginning.

Now that I think of it, I don’t think I have ever had a nice computer/office chair. The other day I sat in one and …. oh, yeah, it was nice. Comfortable seat and back support. I can only imagine how much I could get done sitting in one of those. Or would I fall asleep in comfort?


Yes this ugly thing, is what I am currently sitting on.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the opinions and views are my own, this chair really is that uncomfortable to write on.

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