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Dance Class Takes Place Here

Do you have a dancer in your family or a future dancer? I have one of each, at least for now I do, but then I have two girly girls and with girly girls come dancers. I can not believe the different types of dance that there is to choose from a quick glance at the Saratoga Springs Dance site list amaze me. Easily nine, and I know there are more than that.

Up until last week Austin was enrolled in Introduction to Movement, a.k.a ballet for 3 year olds. I love watching her dance around in her tutu and seeing how much fun she has doing it. I’m amazed at how well she listens and follows instructions, in this town parents didn’t get to watch so there is no distraction for the little ones, but there is only a curtain between us so we can hear what is going on. 

Last week was her last week as I mentioned because of our move. With Hubby gone this month there is no way to get to dance, and we sure aren’t walking anymore due to the -42 windchill. She was okay with not going anymore, she knows Momma will find another dance class for her. Today being a dance class day, we had our own class, The Mullen Dance Class! She was supper excited and loved every minute of jumping and dancing around our dining room in her tutu. Brookland also loved it as she is too young for classes but got to copy every move her big sister did. There was nothing but pink and purple flashing and sliding around in here.

I wonder though if dance is something that she will want to continue as she gets older and she does choose to, what type of dance she’ll want to do. One dance I know for sure that I hope my children never want to do it tap. Oh my goodness!

Are you children enrolled in any type of activity such as dance? If so what and how young were they when you started?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all opinion and views are my own and honest.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.