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Messy Friday: Melting Ice

I had planned on showing the girls different ways to melt ice. Because I didn’t set it up ahead of time, we just worked with salt. Melting ice cubes with salt definitely entertained them a lot longer than I expected, but I find most things entertain Austin especially, longer than I plan. Her attention span is definitely growing by leaps and bounds.

I put a container of ice cubes in front of each the girls. Austin quickly grabbed a piece in her hands.

Austin: “It’s cold.”
Me: “What is it?”
Austin: “Ice.”
Me: “Is ice suppose to be cold?”
Austin: “Yeah.”

Yeah, that’s how I introduced this activity. I didn’t think the set-up through beyond “Don’t put something on TV I have something for them to do!” Yelled from the kitchen. Opps, the girls came running and I didn’t get to set it up without them. But instead they explored the ice cubes before the other elements were added, success in my book.

Melting Ice 1

Brookland started by adding some blue water, then some salt.

Melting Ice 2

Melting Ice 4

I love this picture, loving my new camera.

Melting Ice 5

Melting Ice 3

Austin loved piling the salt on each of the ice cubes, then looking for little holes in the ice cube.

Melting Ice 6

How some of the ice cubes looked after getting salted.

Back home in NS this is how we cleared our walkways/steps and sometimes the roads. Since it is too cold here they don’t use salt.

Hubby: “So what was the point of this mess?”
Me: “To explore salt melting ice; for them to learn and explore, and me to clean the floor.”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.