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Messy Friday: Planet Oobleck

Through Pinterest I found this site, 24/7 Science. Through it I found the activity, Plant Oobleck and couldn’t wait to do it with the kids today.

Now, this is going up later than planned, due to the kids not waiting to clean up the playroom. Normally I said its time to clean up and the kids race around knowing that something is planned and can’t wait to do it. Today, they continued to play, toys were being thrown and there was yelling and fighting. Therefore, everything I had gotten out and ready got put away. Finally this afternoon we got to explore Plant Oobleck.

A set for each of them:

  • plastic scissors
  • piece of an egg carton
  • plastic apple sauce container
  •  plastic fork, knife, and spoon
  • piece of a pipe cleaners
  • art feather
  • piece of tin foil

Cutting pieces.

Due to everything being put away, the “oobleck” (cornstarch and water) was put in the fridge and dried out a bit. They were able to pick pieces up to cut or put in their egg cartons. After exploring it that way a bit I added some water, adding a whole new element to it.Planet Oobleck3

Once some water was added.

Austin was making “bubbles”, I didn’t see any but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

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