Painting with Feathers

The other day at the dollar store Austin spotted a package of feathers and asked if she could have them, sure. Hubby asked why she wanted feathers and her response was “So you can tickle me”. Enough said, we bought them. My mind was already turning over the different things that we could do with them besides tickling.

The kids all love painting, they love feathers and they seem to love making a mess as well. Combine the two and they can’t get much happier, it’s not everyday that their going to be feather painting.

Painting with Feathers

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I gave them white, yellow, red and blue paint. As they got going they asked for some more colors so we talked about how to make the colors they wanted. An example would be green, they were sure that white and red made green, so I got them to mix it together and see what happened. We did this with all the colors.

Of course the feathers could make fine lines or wide, thick lines. We were able to “write” with them.

I wish I knew what this was… before it got covered in more paint.

 The possibility is endless here. Learning colors, working on fine motor skills. Enjoy and get messy!

What have you and your child painted lately?


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