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Messy Friday: Colored Snow

Winter weather has arrived even if Winter hasn’t officially. This means snowsuits, mittens, hats and more time getting into them all of it than we actually spend outside. It makes me want to run screaming to a warm climate! There is a lot of white out there, everyone needs some color, so that’s what we did, colored snow.

I filled up our condiments squeeze bottles with water, couple drops of food color and a drop of clear dish soap.

A big blank canvas waiting for color. Holding on and squeezing the bottles was a little hard for smaller hands with the mittens on.

They all had fun, though there wasn’t enough water in any of the bottles to keep them entertained long. Next time, I think maybe hard water instead of cold. Put them to work on melting the snow in the driveway. :- )

A sample of the final work:

I wasn’t sure how long this would hold their attention and was quite surprised. Austin was trying to make some letters, the boys were using the yellow water to make “pee”, Brookland was making “spots” and I was trying to keep warm by moving around.

*Update: We tried this another way, only my Mommy-brain kicked in and our fun didn’t last. I mixed paint and shaving cream together, put it in the squeeze bottles, bundled everyone up and out we went into the -17 degree weather. Instead of making a pretty, colorful mess, we learned that shaving cream freezes. We also learned that it is slow to thaw in the entree way of our house.

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