Messy Friday: Glitter

Is there much messier than glitter? I mean really, it spills easily, and sticks to everything. Kids love it and parents/caregivers hate. Enough said. Want messy play: add glitter. That’s what I did.

All the kids in my care love playdough. Its nice to add new element to it, something different that they would never have thought of asking for. Today: muffin tins and paper liners. Make playdough muffins/cupcakes or regular play. I also being the crazy Momma added glitter.

Crazy yes, stupid no. I had some limits.

  • Hubby wasn’t home – he would go crazy with glitter every where and hate seeing it on the floor
  • I only gave them small amounts at a time

Austin has explored glitter before, but Brookland hadn’t. The glitter I had bought clearly stated that it was not for children 0-3. Discretion. Use. It. I watch my children. I talk to my children. I sit with them as they use it. I play with them.

Cute little toes, all covered in gold.

Austin had a little bit of each colour on each of her cupcakes.

I love the looks of concentration here.

In case you missed our last exploration with playdough, you can find it here, Playdough Ice Cream Parlor.

Also check out the giveaway happening right now.

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