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Messy Friday: Coffee Grounds

I recently bought a second hand water and sand table. It’s too late in the year to buy sand, in my opinion, but that doesn’t been we can’t find other uses for it. I have gotten in the habit of saving my used coffee grounds, because you know, you just never know when you might need them for entertaining.

I took the kiddos outside the other day and the gathered around the sand table wondering what to do with it. How much fun can they have with it empty? Apparently none.
That’s right, my kids whom seem to be able to do anything with anything didn’t know what to make of the empty sand and water table.

Austin and Brookland have gotten used to my giving them weird things to play with that they now dive into anything head first so to speak.

This was no exception… a bowl of flour and a container of coffee.

Lots of mixing, scooping, stirring, getting their hands in and having fun. I admit, it looked boring, though the kids were having a blast. A lesson in remembering that they don’t need big and expensive, simple and cheap do the trick too.

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