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A Lady Came to Visit

Outside relaxing in a patio chair, while the kiddos were playing with coffee grounds {post to come Friday I hope}. Everyone was happy. Even that tiny, the size of my cursor, eight legged, creepy spider. You know, as he crawled on my shoulder. Oh. We weren’t all happy? If you know me you can picture what happened next.

Me –  jumping up out of my sit, swiping at my shoulder, dancing and shaking around, hoping that it was off me.

Kids – starring at me like I had just completely and udderly lost my mind.

Me – Wishing the kids weren’t there so I could rip my shirt off and run into the house away from the spider. Instead, I looked at the kids, smiled and hoped that the spider was off me.

Then looking down, this lovely lady greeted me.

The kids rushed around me, a couple trying to take swipes at it. Austin used to be terrified of them, it has taken a lot of convincing that they aren’t going to hurt her. Last winter they were every where in our house, hiding from the rain. I think it was the turning point in her fear.

They looked at her from different angles watched it crawl over me – yup, I let it crawl over me.

She flew away after “posing” for a few pictures and the kids were sad to see her go, but happily went back to there coffee grounds.

Now the real question is:  Did the kids learn anything thing? Or did I just scar them for life? I hope they aren’t afraid of lady bugs in the future and that I can still get Austin to get and kill the spiders for me. 😉

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