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Finger Painting Leaves

Fall is in the air this week. September came and with is cold nights, sunny days and cool winds. Austin has been asking when the leaves are going to turn colors and fall from the trees. I got a tree trunk printed off made up some fall colors and set off outside into the sunshine for some finger painting.

Finger Painting Leaves

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Austin doesn’t care for being dirty so finger painting is often a struggle of wills: me – not wanting to go look for paint brushes and then having to clean them; her – not wanting to get paint on her, and then needing to get it off quickly. I’m not sure where this comes from because I have beautiful photos of her covered in paint, mud or anything else messy.

Brown. Red. Yellow. Orange.

I got Austin’s action first by showing her what my finger print “leaf” looked like. She quickly dipped her finger in some paint and made some leaves too. We also talked about our finger prints, the lines being uniquely ours, or as I told her “no one else – not Momma, Dada, or Brookland – have the same lines as her. She was happy with this.

Brookland it seems was a little confused as to where to put her paint, white paper or white sweater?!? I understand the confusion completely which is why it was a white sweater, something I can bleach back to its original white. {Currently it is sitting in a sink of soapy water.}

Austin had no confusion what so ever. She made some perfect leaves on her tree. After I put the camera away she painted her tree truck brown and declared it finished.


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