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Painting & Sponges

Austin always wants to paint, always. But how much can you enjoy paint, paper and paint brushes? While at the dollar store I saw a package of sponges while looking for scrubbies and couldn’t leave without a package.  I cut up a couple sponges, grabbed some paper and my camera and headed outside. It’s a good thing Hubby went out too, because I quickly realized that I forgot the paint, opps!

Austin asked if she could help me scrub toys when she saw the sponges. I love that kid so much!

I laid out paper and paint, and waited to see what would happen, they both looked at me. Austin was never a big fan of finger painting and Brookland follows big sis’s lead.

Brookland spent her time dipping the sponges from bowl to bowl of paint. Loving it.

Austin started by dragging her sponges across the paper, then started stamping them down, letting it soak up some paint and then squeezing the paint out. After about 4 pieces of paper she asked if she could paint the table, “Go for it!”. A few minutes later I heard quietly “Can I paint myself?”. She washed up in the kiddie pool after all the paint was gone. 🙂

I know Hubby just shakes his head at me, if I see something interesting to try with the girls online and he is near he says “that looks like one big mess.”, if it looks messy there must be some fun involved.

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