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Textured Art

Once again we turned to our Resource Kit from the Art Gallery for some fun. Austin and I got to spend some one-on-one time while Brookland was napping. We pulled out 4 textured trays.

There are a number of different ways to use these trays, to start exploring them in our home we started with the basics: paint, fingers and the trays.

  • Explore texture through finger painting.
  • Paint a picture on the tray using fingers, paint brushes, sponges or any other tectquies.
  • Use as a rubbing plate
  • Use to create textured clay/play-dough

We tried using them a couple different ways. My favourite and I think her favourite was painting.

Before handing over the paint we rubbed our hands over the trays talked about how it felt, what the tray looked like (the pattern),and then got the paint out.

One of the ideas that the paper that came with the trays mentioned was laying paper over the painted tray so we gave it a try. I think it looks pretty good.

It was getting a bit cool so we headed in the house, but she wasn’t ready to put the trays away. I got out 2 more trays (4 in total) and handed over the crayons and some paper. A few passes with the crayons and she was done, she’d rather have paints that crayons, the opposite of me.

I think we got some great art work, a new experience out of it and some fun, which is most important.

These were part of a Resource Kit that we borrowed (free of charge) from our local branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This kit is called “A Day at the Circus”. I’ll be sharing more as we explore the kit. There are a number of different kits there just waiting for everyone and anyone to borrow, I know that we will be exploring more of them.

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