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Homemade Cleaners to Go

Recently I had a conversation with my sister-in-law how much we have been using coupons lately or the lack thereof. During which cleaning products came into the conversation. I said how I make all of ours, with the exception of the detergent I buy for our cloth diapers, and how much money we save.

She said something to the effect of having thought about it but there being too much work involved and not having the spray bottles and ingredients to do it.Now, me, being the great sister-in-law that I am (haha!), decided to give her a head start on making her own stuff.

Above are all the things I set out, including my own bottles to be refilled and to follow the ingredients off their bottles. {Please excuse my water bottle, trying to drink more water.} Sent $2.88 on the new spray bottles since I don’t have any extras laying around, the rest I have around have on hand for my own cleaning.

Maybe 30 minutes later, with interruptions from my girlies, I was finished and printing and labeling everything with the ingredients and how much I use.

The finished products. Hopefully this will convince her how much better, and easier, homemade can be and give her containers to refill instead of replacing.


Update: If you’d like the recipes that I used here, and use in our home they are here.

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