Making Music

Both Austin and Brookland have always loved music, its on in our house and the vehicles all the time. I love dancing around with kids in my arms and at my feet — what better workout right? Anywho, on Friday we borrowed something that we don’t have in our house – musical instruments! I have no idea why or how it has happened that we don’t own any. We have 6 guitars ranging from 12 months+ but no other instruments, weird.

A tambourine, bell straps, maracas, cymbals, wood rhythm sticks, triangles, egg shakers, tone block and hand castanets. It was like Christmas morning, so much to try out and play with.

Brookland was very intent about using the rhythm sticks the ‘right’ way after I showed her what to do with them. Though they were still making great ‘drum’ sticks, sticks for beating one’s sister(!) and other things.

Austin says “Supper, come and get it!” Maybe a new way to get everyone around the table?


These were part of a Resource Kit that we borrowed (free of charge) from our local branch of the  Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This kit is called “A Day at the Circus”. I’ll be sharing more as we explore the kit more. There are a number of different kits there just waiting for everyone and anyone to borrow, I know that we will be exploring more of them.

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