Messy Friday: White Mud

For the last two years we have had a sandbox in the same place in our front yard,  we had never moved it but over the winter this year Hubby had put it in the basement. The girls haven’t missed the sandbox as in its place there is a circle of dirt that has been entertaining them. It got me thinking about a recipe I had first learned of while in college.Bar of soap – like Ivory (which I buy at the dollar store)

Warm/hot water
Toilet paper (again, I went to the dollar store)

Grate your soap, add the warm or hot water to melt the soap. (I added cold before she started helping.)

Starting ripping and tearing, pieces of toilet paper that is, and add it to the soap and water. Add water as you like, it will be come very fluffy and soft.

Add as much water and/or toilet paper as you want exploring all the textures as you go.

If it’s warm enough you can hose them down, splash in a pool to get clean.

Hubby asks “What was that stuff the kids were playing with?” Yes, it may have been the oddest thing he has witnessed my giving them. Key word: witnessed. 🙂

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