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Blowing Bubbles Through a Bottle

When you are always having fun and making things with or for your kids, they are always looking for the next thing, it doesn’t have to be a new thing, or something that you bought them, just something fun. I’d rather be making and trying new things than buying toys.

After our morning walk Austin asked if we could make something fun, some balls or playdough. I told her that during nap Momma would come up with something fun to do outside. This is what I came up with: a big bubble blower. She had a blast, and I need to find new water bottle for my walks.

Blowing Bubbles through a bottle

I cut the bottom off the bottle, used a baby face cloth covered the bottom with it, secured it with a hair elastic. Dip in bubbles and have fun.

Blowing Bubbles Through a Bottle

It was a bit tricky at first for her to blow out only and not inhale the bubbles, simply because she’s still young and learning how to blow bubbles in the first place. After a bit, she gave it up for me to make the bubbles and she would play with them.

I image that if you had a facecloth worn thin and ready for the trash or to repropose then it would be easier, or if you happen to have some cheesecloth laying around.

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