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Educational Gifts to Buy this Holiday Season

I’m in a Christmas shopping mood, and I have a plan, a theme if you will of what I want to buy for my kids this year. Theme is: educational gifts. That in no way means they won’t be fun, but I do want them to have some educational spin on them. Helps to justify the amount I tend to spend.

Educational Gifts to Buy this Holiday Season

Educational Gifts From Amazon this Holiday Season

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You knew this was going to be here right? Books are my thing, and have become my kids thing too.

1.  The Julia Rothman Collection: Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Food Anatomy – these books are beautifully illustrated making them a joy to look at with your kids.

2.  This Is My Home, This Is My School – We loved this one, especially when we first started homeschooling. 

3.  100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever – Looking for some extra fun outside? This book has it covered.

4.  Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have – This book is a hit in my house. My girls grab it at the library every chance they get, and then spend hours in their room building and creating. 

Build Stuff

1.  Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit – This is engineering for preschoolers, perfect for those who are trying to keep up with older siblings. Beautifully written storybook manuals guide children on an educational and fun engineering adventure.

2.  The Learning Journey Techno Gears – Kids love to construct and the Techno Gears Wacky Robot kit is the perfect way to encourage them to build.

3.  K’NEX – K’Nex is the funnest, right up there with Lego, for kids and building.

Science Experiment Kits and Fun

1.  Scientific Explorer Charming Test Tube – Your  scientist can wear science experiments around their neck. This is a real chemistry set, just charmingly small, almost perfect for a stocking stuffer.

2.  Ultimate Secret Formula Lab – Conduct 40 science experiments with this kit, it comes with chemicals needed you just need to add simple kitchen ingredients.

3. Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit – 20 piece kit allows your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools.

Getting in the Kitchen

1. Kid’s Garden with Pizza Party Kit – I want this one for myself! We are pizza lovers, and lovers of growing our own herbs (and other foods).

2. 8 Pieces Baking Set – Get your child the perfect sized set to either get them interested in being in the kitchen or, because they already love it there.

3. Little Cook Children’s Kitchen Tools in Herb Pot Gift Set – Includes a small whisk, wood spoon, rolling pin, wooden turner, large silicone spatula, small silicone spatula, measuring cups and spoons. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.